About Us – WHO WE ARE?

LODEX SOLUTIONS Company was established in 2013. Founders started with generating Software Solutions for different Business industries. Since that time, we aimed to complete the communication chain between customers and business owners. Through quality IT solutions services.

LODEX team can professionally build dynamic IT features. The journey’s first step is to incode clients’ business needs. Then we work with passion to decode a great software apply, that meets the client’s business targets.

LODEX founders believe that the work environment is the basis of great success. That’s why we were keen to choose cooperative team members from day one. LODEX provides a smooth workflow, that ensures perfect software results for our clients. 


LODEX Mission is to generate effective IT Solutions, with high-quality features. And to provide our clients with all kinds of software solutions, that fit their business development.

  • Mobile Application Development.
  • Online Website Development.
  • Software Solutions Generate.
  • Digital Marketing Management.


LODEX Vision is to Generate dynamic online platforms that help the audience to access different services easily all over the world. That’s why we deeply believe in applying the following:

  • Multiple Language development.
  • Online Documentation Softwares.
  • Customize Cultural Needs.
  • Region Employment Opportunities.


LODEX is here to generate a complete online assist to your company’s business. We seek for 100% perfect application of client’s requests. LODEX experts’ team is cooperating to reach the highest level of investment raise.

  • Strategy Development.
  • Design Concept Create.
  • Small Website Generate.
  • Complex Portal Development.
  • Testing and Delivery.
  • Maintenance.

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