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Lodex monthly talk to one of our work community

We at LODEX believe in the power of humens, and how they can turn the future of any business just with a small idea, coming from a real passion and a deep faith of what they are doing. That’s why we start to meet our employee, talk to them, and let them speak up more about everything. Here is the first interview with one of our highly commited employees – Mahmoud !.

Mahmoud Reda
Back-end Developer
+3 Years of Experience
@Lodex Since March 2019
Quick Profile –
I asked Mahmoud about many things and found him Prefers: 
Google search over asking someone about new skills and tools
Learning Python behind PHP for programming
Desktop over a laptop as work station
Quiet Music over quietness when working
Finish tasks Before deadline over getting stuck

Then the interview questions were as following

Mention three things you can’t go to the office without.
My Earphones – My Hobo Bag – a Notebook & a Pin

If you got the chance to choose another job over being Back-end Developer, what would you prefer to work as?
Football Reporter

What skills do you plan to learn this year?
Advanced English & Node.js

Describe yourself in one word.
Trusted – My friends trust me in giving advice & keeping secrets. And at work, managers usually give me the ownership to finish urgent tasks and being reliable in the team.  

Who’s your role model?
En. Ayman Esmail Lodex comapny owner – He’s such an enthusiastic owner, with 100% focusing on work details. He always takes care of every person in the office, and has an individual talk to everyone at least once every day.
Mohamed Salah – Football Player His Story has many challenges, and I really like how he totally turned his life into an inspiring story to follow.
I also used to know a college mate who had a creative kind of struggling story to be told. He wasn’t so familiar with IT Programming academic tests, and that caused low marks in his first and second semesters. That guy started to participate in the colleges’ IT activities. By the following year, his marks got higher. And After finishing collage he joined Google as a programmer, Now he lives in the US managing his own business.

What is your weakness point?
I usually take time to be friendly at new places and talk freely to the squad.

When did you last schedule a goal, did you achieve?
Three months ago, yes, 100% achieved.

What would you say for someone who just started to work as a Back-end Developer?
I would advise him to spend more time in self-study and to work on a team at first before being the only back-end in a company. Those two points will make him a well experienced developed and more skilled in less time.   

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We in LODEX are so proud to have passionate employees, and will always support them to be better in their careers. By the end of the interview, I thanked Mahmoud for his time and wished him the best in his career and personal life as well.

Wait for us in the next interview with a new LODEX team member. Visit LODEX Official Website now. Or read about LODEX Internships Programs now.


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