BDM of LODEX – Mohamed Ibrahim Speaks up

Mohamed Ibrahim talks about marketing future and consumer society

Every successful community has fundamental elements of success. LODEX secret is professionalism and efficiency in projects application. And that is typically why we always have Exceptional Success. Today we highlight a remarkable vision of marketing and project management. LODEX Business Development  Manager, Mohamed Ibrahim talks for the website blog.

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Vision and More Opinions

How did you start working in business development?

Seven years ago I started applying my ideas in technology and mobile applications. The first project was Social Media for Businesses in KSA. Then I worked for many companies to apply smart solutions and technologies that ease working and different industries workflow.

What was your most attractive hobby for teenage?

Video Gaming. I used to play Atari, Sega Master, and PlayStation for many hours when I was young. And now I made more 3K and 4K hours playing in video games.

Do you think that small projects
-like WNCH- have an opportunity to be Global Economic Entities?

Of course. International Market is now open and making easy for all creative ideas. Governmental facilities are opening doors for all small businesses to do more. And we in WINCH  are making plans to grow App logistics business all over the regain.

If you have a chance to choose another career or work field, what would you work as?
In a parallel universe, I would work as a Game Developer. The Middle East has less industrial technologies for Game Development processes.   However, I worked on Video Gaming ideas and Development Technologies to be easy for the user.

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By the end of the interview, I expressed my delight to work with such a remarkable character like Dr. Mohamed.  And mentioned we in LODEX are  Lucky to have him part of the team, and one of the most powerful success fundamentals. Stay Tuned to read more from  LODEX  in 2020. Have a look at our  Website. Or Read More about  WINCH LOGISTICS MOBILE APP in 2020.



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