CEO of LODEX – Ayman Ismail talks about Business & Life

Read our first Interview for 2020, LODEX CEO Engineer Ayman Ismail

A successful company entity has many fundamentals, in both professional and communication aspects. Positive vibes spreading is one of the most active ways to have a successful work environment. Today we meet Engineer Ayman Ismail -LODEX Company Founder & CEO– talked to him about many things, and knew more about his background and life point of view.


Let us start 2020 with the speech of the greatest supporter here in LODEX, En. Ayman!

I asked Ayman quick questions to know more about his character and found him prefers…

Favorite drink? Nothing specific, I like tea, mint, coffee. ☕
Favorite Hangout? An open place with activities for kids. 🏠
Kids punishment? I do not prefer this. once the child knows his fault, we have to get over. 🙏
Work remotely method? Via phone, not texting. Texting is not clear enough especially for work. 🤓

Then the interview questions went like following…

Tell us more about your study & career start.
I graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science – Zagazig University in 2004. I was valedictorian, and I was nominated to be a Teacher Assistant in my collage. However, I was not so interested in starting an Academic Career for my life.

Once I finished my studies, I joined a Software Company as a web developer. Then I worked in Marine Services Co., Ltd. for 11 years, with a Technical Lead job title before quit. By the start of 2016, I launched LODEX Company for Software & IT Solutions. With a great passion for applying our dear clients’ business requirements.

Mention one special characteristic of you when you were a kid.
I used to be a quiet child, sit alone thinking for many hours. I didn’t use to waste my time. And I was so clever in primary, high school, and college as well.

If you have two qualified job applicants, a male, and a female, who would you choose and why?
I always look for skills and efficiency, no matter gender. However, I am impressed by males’ ability to work under stress. And I also admire females’ flexibility and patience in work situations.

In your career journey, what was the most critical situation you got over?
Floatation of the Egyptian Pound in Egypt 2016 – we faced very hard times here in LODEX. However, we were powerful enough to get over this case, without any extra support from shareholders.

As a Chief Executive Officer, How do you see the Basic characteristics of the best employee?
I really see employee career as a priority in his life. And every employee should plan for this career and build it wisely. In my point of view, the best employee has to…

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1. be Passionate about what he’s doing.
2. be Committed to work and with all colleges in office.
3. has Goals-Sit and to know what he wants to do and when.

Who’s the person that makes your morning once you get to LODEX office?
Khalid Kamel
– Design Department Manager in LODEX.
Khalid established LODEX with me since startup and was a great support in the journey. I really trust Khalid in every critical situation and feel so hopeful to see him every morning.

Say thanks to someone who supports you in your journey.
My wife – she is behind me in every phase and a real supporter in my life. She’s believing in what I’m doing and totally understanding that I may be busy for a long time and be absent in family important events. I’m so grateful for having her beside me.

By the end of the interview, I thanked Eng. Ayman for his time. And I expressed how we in LODEX are so proud to be a part of this entity. LODEX Team will expend no effort to keep this organization going further, especially under flexible & understanding management like the current one. Stay Tuned to read more about LODEX IN 2020. Have a look at our Website. Or Read More about NERX Supplies & Trading.

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