HELP ME App – Togeather helping people with hearing loss

How LODEX generates an app that will make communication processes in Arabic easier for deaf people

Once you work in producing IT Solutions, you can’t consider it such a usual job. In LODEX What we really believe in is that we help in making people’s lives better. Through facilitating easier ways of communication for customers with their favorite brands and friends as well. You can’t stop dreaming of IT Solutions, as the future will show more magnificent techniques to help human needs accessibility.

We already started today !.

We proudly present our HELP ME app that serves individuals with hearing loss; to communicate with other people for career purposes and social ones.

HELP ME App idea came to provide supplement communication, especially in Arabic Language, for those who have hearing loss.

How does it work?

  • At your first sign up to HELP ME App, you will be asked for your kind of communication or status, Weather speechless & deaf or normal. 
  • The next step will be personal account information like name and email.
  • Then you will be ready to start a new chat with your mates. Search for members through mobile number and start.    
  • If you choose normal status chat, you will be able to write text and our App will decode this text into hand gestures easy to interpret for other side receivers or deaf persons.
  • In case of choosing deaf status to communicate, you will be able to write hand gestures. You can express what you want as simple as actual talk to someone, and HELP ME App will decode those gestures into text for the receiver.
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What will be next?

We appreciate our clients’ trust to produce such worthy projects. And LODEX will be always ready to share in global development for communication methods. HELP ME service is available in both languages Arabic and English. And will be ready to use very soon in both app stores.  

LODEX Team is so passionate about giving more support to the whole human being survival. Read WINCH Moving Services – Brought To You By LODEX.

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