How is AI Impacting Mobile App Performance?

Companies that use Artificial Intelligence have recorded better success rates in many industries.

Siri was the start of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps. Since 2011 AI began its journey to facilitate new aspects of development in mobile apps, hardware, and software integrations. Today we still expecting more magic from Artificial Intelligence, keep on, LODEX will give you a wider vision on AI right here!

What does Artificial Intelligence mean?

The concept of Artificial Intelligence is the machine modeling of human intelligence behavior. This concept can be applied in many aspects, like language understanding, data analysis, and processes management. ChatBots is a great nowadays example of AI, many companies are providing immediate needed answers for their users on different channels through ChatBots. 

How can we use  AI in Mobile App Development?

eBay, Amazon, Uber, and many other companies are recording amazing business results using Artificial Intelligence. Rapid market changes and customers changing behaviors according to heavy ADs exposure, all those elements and more are creating a great challenge between competitors. developing mobile app tactics that analyze user needs, and modify his experience is typically what grabs customers’ trust.

Ways that able Mobile Apps personalization through AI

Mobile Apps can drive more effective user experience though applying  Artificial Intelligence concepts, like:



An example of Reasoning mobile apps use is Uber.  The app allows drivers to collect trips in their destination, plus giving faster service for riders. Also, Uber is providing time estimates for the trip journey, and inform the driver with the best routes to reach destination easier.

AI-Powered Predictions

Spotify & Amazon are giving a well-done application of AI-Powered Predictions. AI can track, analyze, and predict your buying habits. Giving great results on product recommendations and search results. Shopping or entertainment Apps are pushing notification on the user mobile; to satisfy knowledge and taking action needs in their customers’ experience.

Technology has much fun to show yet, you just need to be ready for the play. Using AI in your business is the challenge right now. Artificial Intelligence will make communication easier, and create an exceptional relationship between customers and services that present value. Stay tuned to read more technology updates from LODEX. Visit our website here or read what makes good Mobile Apps here.


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