Read How INFODEMIC is much more dangerous than COVID-19 crisis

Many people are terrified by the massive influx of Coronavirus news (COVID-19), while strict measures are being taken by governments to stem the spread of the Pandemic.

According to the British newspaper, The Guardian“, everyone is really in need to be aware of how the situation is so serious, by sticking to hygienic guidelines. However, it is also important to avoid developing “satisfactory” anxiety.

Experts say it is normal for people to feel anxious, given the number of victims of the virus, but this psychological state becomes dangerous, if it turns into an obsession, through exposing too many unfiltered news resources everyday.

Health directives recommend avoiding crowded places, as well as washing or sterilizing hands after touching surfaces or objects outside and get faces covered with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.

#1 frequent news

According to author Rianon Lucy Catlett, people who are anxious about COVID-19 need to stop receiving frequent news about crises around the day.
Since you need information, you can ask friends or family member about updates, that directly concerns you, i.e. like the issuance of a decision related to infection in your country.

#2 control thoughts

The second important thing to control anxiety is to stop complaining, or asking for support from your company, as long all things are fine with you because this behavior will put you in a whirlwind similar to obsessive disorder.

#3 avoid tracking

And when you already get into this anxiety, it will be better not to start “Google-ing” to see the symptoms of the disease, especially since information that you will get, maybe from non-specialized and unreliable sites, or that you don’t have same circumstances to people who already COVID-19 patients.

#4 choose optimism

It is also advised to stay away from negative thoughts, such as thinking that your family members may leave life because of the virus, while you can have a dose of optimism and remember that many infected people are recovering, even if they are infected with the COVID-19.

#5 go workout

It would be very helpful if the person tried to do some exercise, even if jumping and some simple movements in the house or inside the bedroom, due to gyms halls close in many countries.

It is worth to remember that this critical period is temporary and fleeting, that is, it will not last long, because mankind has already faced what is much worse and still standing.
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