LODEX Member Interview – March 2020

We in LODEX, are always looking for talents to count on, encourage, and reach future with. And this is one of our most creative reasons to keep updated and ready. Information Technology has been so powerful secret for all magnificent success that you can achieve in 2020. Today we want to talk more with Noha Samy, one of our dedicated employees in LODEX, and will have a great future next by!.

Noha Sami
Call Center Agent
26 Years Old
@LODEX since Nov.2019

I Began Interview with Quick Questions To Know More About Noha’s Interests And Background

Committed to appointments? has become lately⏰
Organized or messy? according to mood🤷‍♀️
Cheesecake or chocolate cake? chocolate cake🍫
Classic music or HipHop? according to mood💃
Pepsi or cane juice? cane juice🤩

Then The Interview Questions Were As Next

Would you talk more about your study.
I’ve studied Banking at Sadat Academy, graduated @2016. This year is my last year in Master’s degree in International Business Administration. I work as a Customer Service agent, with wide experience in many industries like (Stock Exchange – Gymnasium – Charities – National Bank – Uber – and finally Winch)

Who’s your role model? and why?
My Father, I really admire how he thinks, deals, and faces hard times. I love the way he treats me, and how he always supports me in my postgraduate study and everything.

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What is your ambition for a career scale and social one?
For Career, I would like to be a trainer, in call center management. Radio announcer, or Zumba Instructor. & For Social life, I hope I can live in the countryside, city has become crowded and poisonous.

Tell us more about WINCH and your experience in working with LODEX as a team.
Working at LODEX, was a completly new experience to mine. I used to work at big organizations, with many more numbers of colleges. Work in a startup company such as LODEX is a new kind of challenge. Putting me in a new goal to achieve success and approve my qualifications, through building new projects.

If Noha will outline her life-long message, what would it be?
We all need to be a support to each other, as life is already tough.

By the end of the interview, I expressed my impression with our gorgeous lady Noha, and wished her best of luck in her life. LODEX will be always proud of every person here with us and trusts their ability to achieve our entity goals.

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