Lodex Internships Program For Fresh Grads

Why do we prefer to support talented candidates more.

LODEX Internships – At Lodex we are looking further than the traditional business cycle. Especially because of our industry rapid transfer. IT technologies need smarter, preceding, effective solutions. That’s why we devote hiring to qualified, highly skilled, and passionate candidates, more than only certified ones.

Lodex Company has seven main company departments, each one of them has its unique role to get the best results every time.

Management department: every project begins with the CEO and department managers. To add the main plan, and work sequence.

Marketing department: Then the marketing team starts to define project strength points to focus on, and figure out the marketing plan overall.     

IT Development department: Developers team consists of back-end, front-end, Android, IOS, and QC members. To fulfill all project requirements. 

Design department: response to UX-UI designs, social media, mobile app, and all BTL activities required visiuals.

Customer Services department: works on resolving any customers’ queries, getting feedback and comments, and offer new services, whether through inbound or outbound calls.

Accounting department: response to all internal and external financial processes.  

Human Recourses department: managing the work environment, Employees’ performance monitoring, training processes, and new hires provide.

Lodex offers all fresh grads the opportunity to start their career in a fast-growing environment, with all practical apply they will need to have a real experience.

We choose interns that show a real interest in learning new skills, who take care of details and have a creative vision to be added to the scope.

Lodex Company is welcoming all interested interns to join us.

Send Your Resume with your Job title as email subject to hr@lodex-solutions.com

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Wait for us in the next interview with a new LODEX team member. Visit LODEX Official Website now. Or read about What Makes A Good Business Mobile App? now.


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