What Makes A Good Business Mobile App?

How to plan and go for a wonderful mobile app

Mobile app has a clear control of the services market today. A fact that makes all businesses give extra care to create mobile app access for every project. consumers spend 90% of their time on mobile apps compared to mobile websites. Also, they depend on mobile app to finish daily tasks, with 3 apps as frequent use rate.

So the question here is what goes into making a successful mobile app?

You might find the answer is crystal clear, with simple and direct steps to follow. However, the fact is a little bit different. Creating a good mobile app for users needs main points to consider, in order to reach service goals and customers’ high satisfaction. 


Check the most recent technologies in mobile app generation 2020.

  • Notification Bar: activate feedback from your app system to tell a customer that action is done, or that his request is in progress.
  • Multifunctional button: Create a smart button with multi actions, that make processes easier for users.
  • Organize your appearance: Creating an organized space with structured and dynamic blocks of information.

Here are some points that we in lodex believe on, to make a rapid useful mobile app.


#1 Solve a problem

It is all about a purpose, many apps on mobile stores that present the same core. But most users usually pick one or two only, why? Because they get to the problem and give them a solution. Take your time in research, create a clear business analysis, to walk on steady steps toward goals.

#2 Keep it simple

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While generating a mobile app, always keep in mind friendly-use element. It’s so good to present a service through out, but if your interface or signup sequence is complicated for customers, you will lose value. That’s why you should create a clear user journey inside your app, and a full detailed map. This will help you to reach users easier.

# An extra mile care

Give users a wider space to talk, ask, or comment. Communicating with your customers through mobile app will be easy access, and will affect their experience in a positive way. Activate lead forums, comments fields, or inbox buttons. This will be a smart way to feed your database with ready interested customers.

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