LODEX Employee Talk – February 2020

Khaled, One of LODEX interns talks about his experience with us.

Every company entity has a continuous challenge to cope with technology updates and grow the organization’s investment rates. We in LODEX chose to take on the challenge, with new talents & creative solutions. Our internship programs help us find new talented guys to count on, just like Khaled! Our February Employee Talk Hero…

Khaled Rafat
Junior iOS Developer
24 Years Old
Sep.2019 Intern@LODEX

As usual, I started by asking Khaled Quick Questions to know more about his interests and background

If bored👉PlayStation over Cinema 🎮
When hungry👉Home Food over Junk Food 🥗
For tutorials👉Video over Article 🎞
Best footwear👉Conference over Classic 👟
For music👉Headphone over Airpods 🎧

Then The Interview Questions Went as below

Tell us more about your study.
I’ve studied Electrical Engineering at Menoufia University, and I was graduated in 2019 with a great passion for Mobile Development, especially iOS.

Do you categorize yourself as a good listener or eloquent?
I am a good listener, and always make sure that I completely understand the other person’s words before I react or reply.

What was your favorite thing about college memories?
I participated in all sports activities in college. And that helped me a lot; as I was overweight. I lost weight and made many friends and wonderful memories.

With squad, are you funny – wise – sly – Troubleshooter?
You can say that with friends I’m everything you just mentioned, according to the situation. However, If I choose one, it will be a funny character.

Pick a miscommunication reason in society that you hate.
Not being clear enough in both social and business relationships.

Imagine that you work as an iOS Developer in Apple, and describe your workstation.
A photo for my parents and sister – a photo for pig – my nickname “ الشبح “
You started in LODEX as an intern, tell us about your experience here, and what are your goals next by?
Starting from day one in LODEX I have the intent to commit and never spear an effort. All guys over here are helpful and so friendly. Eng. Ayman – LODEX CEO – has been a great supporter to me and so flexible.
I want to get my hands dirty, get more tasks to show my skills.
Choose one characteristic in Khaled you want to invest in?

I’m always having clear goals with full concentration to reach them. I never target being the most clever or the first one, I always want to create effective results with zero errors.

LODEX is so proud of every person here with us and trusts their ability to achieve our entity goals. By the end of the interview, I thanked khaled so much for his time. And expressed my appreciation to have such an energetic employee like him here in LODEX.

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