TREX, Shop For Less! Easier way to get discounts

TREX – A palette of discounts, Download App Now

TREX – brought to you by LODEX Solutions – provides free discounts through a user-friendly App, with a wide range of famous brands and different stores. Restaurants, Home, style, hospitality, and electronics, different offers and discounts are available.

Why Should You Join TREX Vendors?

TREX is a free mobile app for users, provides them with immediate discounts through QR Codes. Stores with TREX can choose sale percentage, on selective items. That’s why TREX focuses on marketing campaigns.

Real and easy Discounts As never before

TREX App is providing ease of reading and accommodating offers and immediate discounts. Customers can apply direct discounts through QR scanner in TREX App.

TREX Magazine – More For Less

TREX Magazine is giving an interesting overview of stores and services in App. and presenting different discount percentages. Also, users will find famous and best products in the magazine. Polices and buying terms are also described in TREX magazine.

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