WINCH – Logistics Organizational Management Challenges in 2020

Read how WINCH Logistics prepares to face global Coronavirus Crisis

WINCH App for Logistics services and transports held The Second Trade Exchange Conference Last Monday the16th of March – at Golden Tulip Flamenco Hotel in Cairo. Company Directors have discussed with gentlemen the current economic situation in conjunction with Coronavirus Spread, and how to work on Egyptian market stability facing the expected strong changes in the global market.  

Most Logistics challenges & fears after Coronavirus global spread

  • Transport Rates change affected by Oil Prices, and how it will affect all goods and products prices starting from suppliers and ending by the consumer.
  • Provide workers with hygienic and commitment standards. All Logistics services providers – especially the workers’ sector – are facing one of the hardest struggles in society since 25 Jan. Revolution; as they need to keep working in unstable social & economic circumstances.
  • Maintain Logistics activity in-country during virus spread and social fears. Logistics activity might have a great role to support medical suppliers for all hospitals and quarantine areas.
  • Withstand against Supply and Demand changes, and getting ready for the Economic Recession crisis, especially on Commodities and Oil rates.
  • Confirm & Submit Trip deals in the face of curfew cases in Egyptian cities. Prepare for all needed Precautions and arrangements, to continue Logistics work-flow from WINCH Logistics App.

Cooperative Sectors & Industrial Communities Economic Circumstances

Leather industriesLeather industry in Egypt is depending on importing 80% of Production to Italy and other EU Countries who Suffering from Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis. That why the sector faces serious challenges in the importing market.

OpticsMany events have been canceled due to Coronavirus spread, and west countries’ curfew. The optics industry in Egypt lost many agreements with international companies in the same and related sectors.

HousewaresPorcelain national production is the most challenge facing Housewares Sector. However, the sector will face sales, supply, and price challenges, like all industries.

ImportThe unstable economic situation has affected import agreements, especially after US Dollar & Bank Interest continuous updating rates.

Sanitary wareIncreasing manufacturing, reducing imports, and expected Recession for a long time, might affect the sanitary ware industry in Egypt.

Engineering IndustriesProviding raw materials nationally to increase production, and get over importing problems next by.

WINCH App Role as Logistics organizational management

  • Provide trucks that cover all industrial needs.
  • Give the best transport price rates in the Egyptian trade market, especially in current global events.
  • Organize Logistics map for all cooperative sectors, in a proper and flexible way & coordination with governmental sides.
  • Open new trading opportunities and markets, such as new capital and remote districts.
  • Provide workers that cover industrial needs, with hygienic and commitment standards.
  • Apply Customs Clearance for all imports in Egyptian Ports.

WINCH App is now available for Android & IOS, you can download, request a new trip, and choose your trip details. Our service is available at Cairo, Giza, Qalyub, and all Egyptian districts. With 150 Driver ready to go, and about 10000 successfully done trips till the 29th of February 2020. Prices for businesses truck are upon request and individuals price rates are available on App & our website https://winchapp.io/. Download WINCH App here, or Call Us On 0 114 882 2004 for more info.

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